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Chartering a business aircraft has never been easier.

Premium Jet manages and operates a fleet of privately owned, for charter available business jets with dedicated, experienced high calibre flight and cabin crews. Additionally, we provide worldwide access to a wide range of business aircraft and helicopters.

Whatever suits your flights better, we will offer you. Always with the goal of offering you the best flight experience at the best price.

Why us?

Premium Jet's charter department has decades of experience, knowing exactly what they are doing and what to look for.

We are available 24/7, using our wealth of experience to provide a charter solution tailored to your exact needs and taking care of every detail of your charter flight, including limousine transportation, baggage handling and special dietary requirements - discreet, safe, reliable.

Over the past years we have carried thousands of passengers - trouble-free!

But please don't just take our word for it. Check us and find out yourself! For further information or a price indication, please submit an online enquiry, send us an E-mailcall +41 44 307 50 80 or contact us via WhatsApp (Chat) +41 76 601 25 01.

The charter team of Premium Jet AG
f.l.t.r.: Peter Baiker, Marcel Wepfer, Matthias Gramlich, Andreas Franke
Premium Jet is an ARGUS Gold rated company

« Premium Jet is an ARGUS Gold
rated company,

a long-standing member of the
Air Charter Association

and a licensed provider for the
UN/United Nations ... »


Sometimes an aircraft of our own fleet may due to the routing or the number of passengers or the aircraft home base not ideally match your travel needs. In such a case we use all our resources to find the aircraft that does it best.

The following business jet categories are available for this purpose:

An ultra long range jet from Premium Jet AG
A heavy jet from Premium Jet AG
A super midsize jet from Premium Jet AG
A midsize jet from Premium Jet AG
A super light jet from Premium Jet AG
A light jet from Premium Jet AG
A very light jet from Premium Jet AG

Premium Jet is also your right partner for these so-called "subcharter" flights because as your personal travel concierge we know your preferences and needs. Additionally, as an experienced, independent provider not limited to one geographic region, we know exactly what to look for among the thousands of business jets available on the market (where the cheapest solution is not always the best or the safest one). Furthermore, we identify overpriced offers and use our decades of knowledge and combined buying power to negotiate market-driven prices for you at all times – always with the goal of ensuring a tailor-made travel experience for you and your passengers.


Under a so-called "charter framework agreement" Premium Jet provides specially tailored packages for regular users. Depending on the anticipated annual utilization the charter rates will be divided into packages and reduced with every unit, hence the charter customer benefits from ever-cheaper rates throughout the year.

Carbon-Neutral Flying

Carbon neutral flying with Premium Jet AG

Even if only 2% of the global aviation's CO2 emissions (and thus 0.05% of man-made global CO2 emissions) are generated by the business aviation sector, it should not be forgotten that - due to the lower passenger volume - a private jet consumes more CO2 per passenger mile than a commercial aircraft.

Premium Jet is aware of this and therefore offers its customers and passengers the opportunity to offset their flights CO2-neutrally with a voluntary donation to its partner organisation myclimate.

And although this is not the solution to all problems ... if everyone does what can be done, then we all together will contribute to create a more climate conscious flying experience …


Premium Jet will get you where you want to go, when you want to go!

To obtain a price indication please use the following form, send us an E-mail, call +41 44 307 50 80 or contact us via WhatsApp (Chat) +41 76 601 25 01, regardless if it's for a small private jet or an ultra long range transocean aircraft: